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MOOC - Create in Public Space

09 Nov 2018

In September 2019, FAI-AR and IN SITU will release the first MOOC on art in public space, as a part of the IN SITU ACT programme.

A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a digital learning tool, employing innovative communication techniques, such as videos, webinars and podcasts. It encourages collaborative work between learners using forums, chats and wikis and an expansive process for monitoring and checking knowledge acquisition via self-assessment or peer-assessment.

MOOC “Create in public space”
The MOOC proposed by FAI-AR and IN SITU will give participants the tools and inspiration to support and facilitate the development of the arts in public space. Illustrated with artistic projects representative of these arts at the European scale, it will specifically draw them to question in what conditions public space can become a place of artistic expression, and to explore the relationship between the artist, the artwork and the space where it is created.

Who is this MOOC for?
The course is aimed artists from around the world interested in developing the skills and knowledge required to create an artistic project in public space. It may also interest other professionals such as architects, cultural planners and programmers, institutional managers, elected officials and staff working for local authorities. In any case, it will be open to anyone interested.

A Collaborative and European process
All lessons and talks offered by the MOOC will be available for free and bilingual (English/French). The content will be fully European, exploring the concept of public space from the perspective of a panel of professionals: artists, lawyers, geographers, urban planners, architects or philosophers, etc.
Furthermore, learners will be able to make their own use of the MOOC. They will also collaboratively add to the materials by illustrating points using their own knowledge or experience.
The collaborative dimension is at the very heart of the MOOC, drawing on the expertise of the IN SITU network and artists from across Europe.

How does it work?
The MOOC offers a 5-week distance learning cycle. Equivalent to one week of full-time physical classroom training. A theme equates to a lesson, including pedagogical and assessment activities and additional resources.
Learners will be asked 3 hours of personal work per week, using digital tools that foster interaction.

See you in September 2019 at*!
Teaching Committee
Jean-Sébastien Steil, Director of FAI-AR
Camille Fourès, Project Manager at FAI-AR
Claudine Dussollier, Cultural Engineer, responsible for editorial content
Mark Denbigh, Head of Production, Norfolk & Norwich Festival

Content Writers
Claudine Dussollier
Marie Reverdy, Playwright and Lecturer at University Paul Valéry Montpellier 3
Anne Gonon, Author, Journalist and Critic

Members of the IN SITU network
European artists
Scientific community

Teaching Resources
IN SITU - European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space
ARTCENA - French National Centre for Circus, Street and Theatre Arts

Multimedia Production and Webmaster - Renaud Vercey
Graphic Design - Adrien Bargin
E-learning Consultancy - Alternative Formation

* pre-enrolment from June 2018