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Johannes Bellinkx

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Country : The Netherlands

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Johannes Bellinkx (Belgian, 1978) graduated from the mime school of the Amsterdam school of Arts in 2013. He already had a de- gree in social geography and had gained ex- perience working for renowned artists in the Netherlands and abroad. Bellinkx has been on international theatrical tours with Theater Tuig for the past eight years (since 2007) and joined Theatergroep WAK in 2013.

Bellinkx has worked as a theater-maker and performer with both site-speci c theatre companies. For his first site-specific performance Homo In atius, Bellinkx made his performers wear specially made fat-suits, showing his audience the next step in human evolution, when man had become an obese species. The following year Bellinkx created a visual kinetic installa- tion for #revelation, an ongoing performance of several hours, that saw Bellinkx’s descend from the grid ever so slowly, as ice sculptures of his limbs - his counterbalance - melted and melt water was dripping audibly into 14 glass bowls placed in an oval shape, creating a sacred atmosphere. Bellinkx’s audience in last year’s installation Natureluren, witnessed subtle exterior interventions while taking in the scenery through a wooden frame. Fascinated by the duality between culture and nature, Bellinkx makes us question our perception of our surroundings. Johannes Bellinkx stays true to his concept - not to any art form - and does not shy away from making radical choices. He prefers to work with people from all disciplines, (thea- tre, visual arts and cinema) making their own specific contribution to the performance. In doing so, his aim is to make concept, shape and content interact and impel one another.