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Richard Wiesner

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Country : Czech Republic

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Videomobil © Richard Weisner
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Richard Wiesner (born in 1976 in Prague), completed Master’s Degree Studies at the University of Industrial Art in Prague in 2002, with a major in conceptual and inter-media studies, taught by Professor   A. Matasová. He also completed exchanges and residencies in France (Ecole des arts decoratifs in Strasbourg, Academie des Arts in Vallenciennes), New York (2003 Parsons School of Design) and Canada (2011 Est-nord Est Art residence-Sant-Jean-Port-Joli).

He works in the field of institutional critique, political art and interventions in public space. For his artistic projects, he has chosen various forms and means of expression, such as objects, installations, video and performance. His works are presented in a Czech and international context (L”homme moustachu porte-bonheur, Gallerie La Vitrine, Canada, Czech Centre, 281m, London, UK, Private Nationalism Kunsthalle Košice, SK). The author lives and works in Prague.