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Floriane Facchini


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Floriane Facchini - Cucine(s) © Vincent Flo

Why can’t Michel forget his grandmother Sophie’s artichokes? How come still today, 45 years after, Chiara repeats the gestures her father had taught her, following the taste kept in her mouth? The kitchen, a place we go through, a place to meet in the heart of a home is the place of the common, the most day-to-day place that repeats itself infinitely. It carries with itself a story, stories… the imagination of its inhabitants…

Cucine(s) is a documentary and plastic arrangement that puts into scene number of tales around cooking rituals that repeated daily in kitchens. Each tale explores a life story, a culinary practice, a part of life. Cuisine(s)… recipes, traditions, cultures… Cuisine(s)… life stories, chosen or sometimes imposed journeys, journey between generations… Cuisine(s)… perfumes, scents, spices… To bring into play these kitchen tales, Floriane Facchini has gathered photographs, audio pieces, videos, but also notebooks of the creation produced through the laboratories and immersions on the Cucine(s) lab territories. It will not only be the starting point, but also the essence of this device/performance.