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Ici-même (Paris)

First Life

Ici-même (Paris)2017

From the beginning, the company has focussed on mimicking real life. Having started with invisible theatre, it is now turning to immersive performances.

After deconstructing the dominant messages of the city through urban objects and invisible theatre, ICI-MEME now incorporates mobile technologies into its work. First, because mobile telephones are a massive phenomenon which are transforming our relationship with public space, time and sometimes even social hierarchy. Secondly, because the ubiquity of mobile telephones means that they’re available to everyone, and using them in urban contexts is no longer unusual. Even the socially excluded, such as migrants, have telephones. So it is always possible to infiltrate daily life without adulterating it, even using a telephone. Finally, because the services offered on smartphones which claim to optimise or augment our experience of reality, actually orientate how people use them.

Smart services “editorialise” reality. An initial piece using mobile telephones in 2010 on the theme of communication allowed the company to learn how to direct audiences through augmented reality games. Now the “First Life” concept will invite spectators to immerse themselves in the subjective perspective and specific daily life of a character who is radically different from themselves.

The context for this experience is realistic, and either totally real or partially reconstructed and documented. One by one, spectators follow the trail led by a subjective video uploaded onto their smartphone. Guided by the video through the eyes of their character in real time, they walk through “film sets” that are private, or normally off limits or inaccessible to the public, and take part in scenes, pick up objects, and interact.