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Mia Habib

Stranger Within

Mia Habib2019

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Mia Habib - Stranger Within © Ingun A Mahlum

For the past two years, traveling in a sail boat from port to port in Europe, Habib and Hindi have performed in people’s houses in exchange for a dinner or a coffee. The work has been developed in the spirit ofhosting strangers with strangeness, where art is imbedded within daily life. Habib and Hindi use found objects, lo-fi recordings, fantastique-realist poems and their own bodies. Stranger Within is a collective endeavor, and for each edition they invite guest artists they have met along their journey.

That which roams unseen and quiet upon land and sea signals that what is not here is moving us. Stranger Within is a haunted landscape, maintaining a multiplicity of absences: historical and ecosystemic. The work is at a muddy crossroad, between performance and politics. Presences that seem to have disappeared reappear, and start to behave strangely: breaking objects, shaking bodies, shaping menacing figures. It is a tale set to the harbours and waterways of Europe, exploring the fabric of what makes a political unconscious. This broken history of Europe is shaped like a haunted land, fretting at the remains of the day. Strange agents made out of driftwood, plastic and flesh are disseminated, lurking. Ubiquitous and shapeshifting, they betray their own intentions.

Stranger Within is the work of a sleeper: the story unfolds using displacement, condensation and disruption.