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The End

Strasse 2016

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With this project we set out from our interest in investigating possible forms of audience approaches to different contexts and situations.

Basing on the pretext of work on the construction of the image of the end, we decline the concept of party to the community. We invite to use the space we have at who manifests to need it in the city where we live. In a city like Milan many realities, the most peculiar and different, find strategies to meet, celebrate and perpetuate their own rite. The reason of these meetings coincides with the need to affirm, refocus, defend an identity, social, anthropological and political.

We offered to these realities the invitation to exploit the Cavallerizza and use it as a meeting place, in which to bring their own rituals. We place an artistic practical at the service of a collective need related to the city, and vice versa. We gave them a time to use this space, conclude their collective moment and disperse again in the city. Starting from this final moment, we will build the image of the end: that moment when in the space an unreal calm is deposited, while the air is still burning and all apparently silent. The ritual ends. It remains only the noise of what is not there anymore