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An intimate year-end experience.

- Logs from Urban Games Factory -

"The year was coming to an end and nights grew cooler and cooler.
Those are evenings in which you would almost like to gaze at the city from above to fly over it in order to gain perspective into our lives.
And so, almost by chance, the idea was born: why don’t we play a game on the rooftops of Milan? This is a city that is very difficult to see from above, there are only two hills and the skyscrapers are inaccessible. Maybe we could find some crazy people to open their homes and let us onto their terraces!

And when look for crazy people, we usually find them in our fan base!

We then started searching for the roofs and terraces and, through one of our newsletters, we found 5 friends who answered our call to open their terrace to 50 complete strangers for an evening.
This was Coincidenze: an intimate evening where several people sat around the table, getting to know each other, telling stories, playing, drinking and solving puzzles.


Only one last thing was missing, a giant package awaiting our players.

Every home had a big package to be opened following the instructions of the Radio, a package containing smaller packages containing other small tasks, games and puzzles, and then the ultimate challenge: an anagram that would reveal the address to reach for the final part of the evening.
The feedback we received was amazing, everyone had fun, most participants were ready to offer their own apartments and they look forward to the second episode of Coincidenze … don’t worry, we’re working on it!"

-End of Transmission -