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  • Terminator Trilogy

  • FC Bergman / 2012

  • The Terminator Trilogy show takes its title from the three Terminator movies by James Cameron with the unforgettable Arnold Schwarzenegger in the leading role. This visual performance takes stock of the “Terminator generation”: raised in apparent calm, paralyzed by the dominant culture of consumerism and satisfied with the social achievements of the generations before. There is a wordless monologue, performed by several actors in a boundless space, which tells the story of a man through different stages of his life. It is not only the struggle of a character but also the struggle of the theatre makers of today: how to make a performance that is not lost in this sea of space?

  • FC Bergman

  • FC Bergman is a young “rock n roll” theatre collective from Antwerp. Their big and unusual performances call into question the place of the individual in society.

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