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La paperie (Angers, France)

Eric Aubry

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La Paperie,Centre National des Arts de la Rue

France (Fr)

Centre National des Arts de la Rue

Member of IN SITU since 2006

Outside any consensus, La Paperie is a place of experimentation and clearing with regard to arts and public space. This assumption po-sitions itself in the spheres of both production and dissemination for which we prefer the term infusion*.

As the journey is more important than the destination, the question more important than the answer, we are currently exploring:

  • Taking the time to contextualise the work with its environment
  • Taking the time to bring artist, inhabitant and operator togetherInitiating a work written by their 6 hands
  • Subverting artistic actions to make the citizen a political actor
  • Allowing culture to open debate
  • Favouring the intimate over the spectacular.

*Infusion, from the verb “to infuse”: to bring two elements together for a time so that one interacts with the other.

Director: Eric Aubry