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Zineb Benzekri (France)

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Zineb Benzekri was 17 when she moved to France from Morocco, studying with Théâtre 2 l'Acte in Toulouse and Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq - Officiel in Paris. She is a teacher and runs school, university and professional workshops in France and internationally.
In 2009, she created Collectif Random, with joint artistic direction from David Picard. With the collective, she carried out street research leading to the creation of L.I.R. which features interaction protocols that are always based on an encounter between a place and dedicated text in order to get cities talking and moving. In 2012, Collectif Random came up with Situation(s), a versatile, artistic and community-based scenario for living environments and their occupants.
In 2019 Zineb Benzekri will present her latest performance Les égarements ordinaires (ordinary wanderings).

Atelier 231,centre national des ars de la rue

France (Fr)

centre national des ars de la rue

Founding member of IN SITU in 2003

Atelier 231 is an old building on industrial wasteland, belonging to the French Railway Company (SNCF). It is now one of the 14 National Centres for Street Arts (CNAR) accredited by the government in August 2010.
Atelier 231 offers residencies for companies and support for creation. The artistic residencies aim to offer a suitable context for creation on any stage of the artistic process. Atelier 231 provides rehearsal spaces as well as indoor and outdoor construction spaces equipped to create setdesign, costume-making, weld, joinery, stage instruments. Conscious that his activity can’t be disconnected from his territory, Atelier 231 develops projects directly linked to inhabitants through artistic and outreach activities.
Atelier 231 directs the artistic program of various events among which his flagship event Viva Cité festival which yearly welcome around 100.000 spectators.

Atelier 231 is also invested in the field of professional training through its accredited training centre and pays particular attention to collecting memory and information, therefore constantly developing its resource centre.

Strongly involved in the development of street arts in Europe, Atelier 231 has been a member of IN SITU since 2003, associated Partner of the META project and member of Plateform. Atelier 231 develops also cooperation projects between Northern France and Southern England for about twenty years.

Director: Anne Le Goff
Secrétary general : Guillaume Patard-Legendre