We Believe in Public Space: A IN SITU Publication

Discover the digital version of our printed publication

The online publication We Believe in Public Space concludes four years of collaboration, co-production, and reflection on everything that encompasses the questions of artistic creation in public space, from the point of view of those who brought the project to life. 

From mobility to sustainability through the work of the public, (UN)COMMON SPACES is the result of the meeting of these artists, partners and citizens.

After 20 years of existence 
and 7 consecutive projects, 
IN SITU dedicates this publication 
to the members who form 
and carry out the current project.

Built on 3 parts, giving pride in turn to associate artists, emerging artists, partners and citizens of (UN)COMMON SPACES, this publication aims to make of their testimony the central story of 4 years of collaboration.