Hot House 2018

The Hot House is a safe space designed to give European artists and programmers the opportunity to discuss artistic works-in-progress

IN SITU's main mission is to provide support to emerging artists at every steps of the creation process - from inception to touring. For years, we have organised original meeting formats that are constantly reshaped and redesigned to meet artists’ needs.

The Hot House is a safe space designed to give European artists and programmers the opportunity to discuss artistic works-in-progress. It provides a chance to think about practice, get new perspectives, glimpse new ways of interacting with the audience and with a local area, get a new lease of life, step out of the comfort zone, adapt a show to a location or context – and always in a supportive, listening environment.

In 2018, the Hot House is organised on the Terschellings Island by Oerol Festival and welcomes 17 emerging artists from all over Europe.

Hunt & Darton (UK) | Radio Local

Hunt & Darton bring you their latest outdoor performance - Radio Local, a 24hour live radio broadcast. In Radio Local they deconstruct each element of a ‘radio show’ in order to build a new local radio station with the public it proposes to serve; radio built by locals for locals. They ask for stories and contributions, offer the opportunity to make live jingles, feedback on our ‘radio voices’, play games to make content, make sure they can blame their hourly elected local DJ for the music choices and stay live for the duration of a day in their new home. Visiting your village, town or city and taking over the airwaves of your community radio for an entire day - It wouldn’t be local without you. For an detailed presentation of the project just click here.

Alexander Gottfarb & Alex Deutinger (AT) | While No One Is Watching

In WHILE NO ONE IS WATCHING, two police-knights of the 21st century - in full riot gear – battle with meeting the demands of our times, negotiating values of approachability and service while their armoured bodies serve as symbolic representations of power in public space.The performance poetically raises questions around protection, vulnerability and demonstration culture in public space.

Collectif Random (FR) | Les égarements ordinaires

Children lead a peaceful existence, observing a world that hangs in a fragile balance. During their sleep, the imaginary presence of a number of characters helps them to dispel the mystery of this world. They want to understand what is hiding behind the veil of ignorance and the unknown.

They therefore embark on a path of initiation, producing emotional states that take them to another world. Their journey is peppered with all kinds of trials, helping them to develop a clearsighted view of their own existence. This initiation rite featuring apparitions of visions gives rise to a shout of fury, born of their encounter with each of the “wandering heroes” on their route.

La Folie Kilomètre (FR) | LA BELLE ESCORTE

LA BELLE ESCORTE is a march through the city. The audience plays the crowd, the living backdrop to the artistic creation. A festive and contemplative tide of people make up the colourful convoy in this performance, using their presence and the magic of the night to come together and make a strong impact in public space.


We’ll meet in the forest, I’ll take your hand and we’ll walk a stretch down the road together. I’ll tell you about the people I’ve met, about how we collected the voices and how these voices now belong to the trees. Then I’ll say goodbye and you’ll never see me again. You'll have to continue alone with the other visitors and you'll be able to stay and listen to the trees for as long as you like. All I ask is that you remain silent. This is a place for listening. To know the time and the place of our meeting, you’ll have to ask the festival office. When we see each other again, you’ll recognise me, because I’m a bit smaller than you. See you soon!

Cie Queen Mother (FR) | Follow Me

Follow me is a touching experience where spectators follow an urban trail as part of a fictional scenario scripted using text message. The script will take on the colour, tone and taste that you choose! Leave us your phone number and a stranger will be in touch.

Ann Carlson (USA) | The Symphonic Body

The Symphonic Body is a performance made entirely of gestures. It is a movement based orchestral work performed by people from any collected community; a city, village, institution, or business. Instead of instruments, individuals in this orchestra perform gestural portraits based on the motions they use everyday. Ann likes to think of The Symphonic Body as part social sculpture, part jazz improvisation, part gestural tapestry. It is an invitation to re-perform ourselves and to celebrate the minute and grand gestures that make up the dance of the everyday.

Artur Magrot (CZ) | I don't understand all, but is OK!

In the project I don´t understand all, but is OK, people have the opportunity to borrow a radio bicycle that they can ride in the public space and use to create an audio collage. They are like a DJ in the city, creating their own audio mix, not by moving their hands, but by cycling. The sound experience can be intensified by combining their journey with other visitors. Or they can have the experience on their own, with a journey influenced either by a focus on visuals or sound.

Dániel Makkai (HU) | Apocalypse Training

The Apocalypse is not announcing a casting. Everyone is invited. It is a cooperative public-space game for kids and adults. Everyone can imagine how our civilization is going to collapse. This thought-experiment is both terrifying, and at the same time reveals our innermost desires. We have many different visions of the collapse of society and the global environment. Visions of the Apocalypse and of our survival reactions both reflect our relationship to the present social and physical reality. These imaginary patterns are evoked and transcribed by the Apocalypse Training.

Donika Rudi (XK) | ODE TO LIFE

“Ode to Life” aims in exploring the ways how our day to day soundscape affects us, by taking us on a journey from the perspective from within the mother’s womb. We shall be able to sense vibrations and sounds,as a fetus does,whether it is the voice of the mother, or the sirens and other sound characteristics of a certain city. This journey is built on nine stages, drawing a parallel with pregnancy.The audience will enter a structure, the ‘womb’, and will be able to percept the installation through the sound projection within the space through octophony of speakers.

Mia Habib (NO) | Stranger Within

For the past two years, traveling in a sail boat from port to port in Europe, Habib and Hindi have performed in people’s houses in exchange for a dinner or a coffee. The work has been developed in the spirit ofhosting strangers with strangeness, where art is imbedded within daily life. Habib and Hindi use found objects, lo-fi recordings, fantastique-realist poems and their own bodies. Stranger Within is a collective endeavor, and for each edition they invite guest artists they have met along their journey.

Nada Gambier (BE) | The Voice ofa City

Between March 2015 and the summer 2018 the artists Nada Gambier, Mark Etchells and Thomas Kasebacher travelled to several cities and regions in the north, east, south and west of Europe meeting cooks, lawyers, taxi-drivers, policemen, activists, teachers etc. During these travels they built an archive of photographs, texts, drawings, sounds and filmed footage that is now made public through a series of presentations in the form of a book, an exhibition, a performance, a writing workshop, blind-date events and more. This body of works uncovers a vision of Europe today through the subjective lens of its inhabitants whilst mixing fact, fiction, memory and interpretation.

Nana Francisca Schottländer (DK) | Inseparable Together

Inseparable Together is a cross-disciplinary art project exploring the co-creational potential of encounters between humans and landscapes. Through performance, video, sound recordings, musical compositions and based on in-situ research in both cultural and natural phenomena of a given place, a unique portrait is formed in close and equal exchange between human(s) and nature. This results in landscape performances, video installations, live concerts and workshops in local communities.

Thabi Mooi / Homunculus (NL/AO) | LET US MEET

LET US MEET is an audiovisual interactive project in which people in the street are invited to meet with an unknown person.In a closed cube, two participants observe each other in silence. Hidden cameras reveal how the contact goes and zooms in on the outward appearances on which they value and categorize each other; as a friend or an enemy? By sharing participants' inner reflections about the other, we show how the perspective on 'the other' arises in daily life.

Davina Drummond & Yara El-Sherbini (UK) | ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES

ARRIVALS + DEPARTURES is the new public artwork by Davina Drummond & Yara El-Sherbini, produced by Artsadmin. Arrivals and Departures takes the format of a traditional split flap arrivals and departures board, though instead of announcing the arrivals and departures of planes or trains it announces new births (arrivals) and commemorates lost lives (departures) of individuals

Surge, Love Music & Alex Rigg (UK) | Beautiful Bones

Beautiful BONES is about death, the inescapable and final act of being alive. The west is spectacularly disinterested in death, especially our own. The rituals that surround death are left to others while we look away, pretending it is not for us. Beautiful BONES pays honour to human passing with irreverence and black humour – greeting death as a friend to be made welcome. An octet of professional performers and an enormous orchestra of trombones drive a battle between the four horsemen of the apocalypse and Santa Muerte, creating an unconventional street party.

De chair & d'os (FR) | Suite pour transports en commun

A platform with individuals, some in groups and others alone, waiting for the tram, on the phone and listening to music. Some of them nod their heads in time to the music as they mouth the lyrics. Sometimes the music gets louder and the volume increases. The city is isolated from outside noise and becomes a film in which we are the stars. Performances of Suite pour transports en commun seek to shake up these unique moments spent in public transport in order to scratch the surface of the busy people we have become, recreate spontaneous opportunities for discussion, a daily dose of magic and a slightly unhinged “infra-ordinary”. They feature small actions to make people smile and bring them together through humour and sharing, reconnecting us with Alain Souchon’s song “Foule Sentimentale”, a sentimental crowd to which we all, ultimately, belong.