IN SITU 2003-2006

IN SITU cooperation project

On 15th April 2003, the official founding of the IN SITU network, the six co-organisers hailing from France, Austria, Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom cemented their commitment at grass roots level in the field.

But which field? The field of artistic creation, an art form highlighting the challenges of society through the festive and day-to-day relationships of each individual with public space. The field of Europe, a territory where only a federating agent such as IN SITU can contribute to inventing a repertoire of multi-cultural, cross-disciplinary and innovative productions. The field of solidarity and cooperation which ensures that the sum of the partnerships is greater than the sum of each individual.A network is born. When IN SITU completed its first three-year period, the wheels had been set in motion. From an artistic standpoint, the goal had been achieved through the quality of the productions. In terms of dissemination, the end result was satisfactory given the crisis overshadowing the more complex productions. The operating procedure of the network itself grew stronger from month to month, asserting the procedures established, consolidating the participants in their respective territories, expanding its attractiveness to fifteen partners.Before launching the second phase, IN SITU confirmed the initial vision with each party involved: that of Europe as the most appropriate foundation for artistic creation in public space.


Production Aid

The very heart of the network's activity, the principle of co-production introduced selection criteria and methods which the network has continued to apply throughout its existence: projects involving artists from different European countries using a range of forms of expression (music, dance, theatre, circus, visual art, urban circuits, etc.) in a contemporary relationship with public space. Selected unanimously to assert the collective and European dimension of the network, the first collection saw the creation of nine projects.

Supported Creations between 2003 and 2006

Between 2003 and 2006, the IN SITU network co-produced 9 original creations for public space.

Requiem 21 K626, Producciones Imperdibles
Box meetings, Cie Kumulus
When will we get there?, Groupe Ici même
Playrec, KompleXKapharnaüM
Painful Creatures, Mischief la-bas
Matto regiert, Mezzanin theater
The Wedding, Walpurgis
La balade, Les Piétons Studio Percussion
3 600'', Boilerhouse Metalovoice


6 organisations involved in promoting arts in public space decided in 2003 to get together into a three-years project to spread their effort out of their boundaries. In 2004, a Fundacion Municipal de Cultura de Valladolid replace Fusic, the spanish co-organiser.