IN SITU Ateliers 2019/2020

IN SITU provides dynamic support to artists at every step of the creation process: from ideation phase (Hot Houses), through design phase (Residencies), all the way to production (Ateliers) – original meeting formats are constantly reshaped and redesigned to meet artists' needs.

The Ateliers are key to developing a new artist-producer relationship model in Europe. 

Their core function is to provide time and space for artistic discussions, experimentation, cross-cultural collaboration and site-specific research. Four Ateliers are hosted by four IN SITU members from October 2019 until February 2020. 

They are organised in the frame of IN SITU ACT, a 4-year cooperation project, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union that started in November 2016.

IN SITU Ateliers in brief:

3 days together to share and experiment 

4 artists

4 IN SITU partners

1 facilitator... 

and a flexible format adapted to the needs of artists 

TERNI: 28 October - 1 November 2019 I hosted by Indisciplinarte (IT)

Apocalypse training by The Transforming Association © Lasse Leohardsen 

Arnaud Poupin - La Folie Kilomètre (FR) | La Belle Escorte

La Folie Kilomètre is a live art collective based in Marseille that brings together performers, artists and designers. Their colourful and hybrid creations blend fiction and documentary approaches, visual and sound installations, drawing and mapping, artistic explorations and walks. La Belle Escorte is a poetic and participative walk through the city. It is a celebration of the local landscapes where it takes place. The collective proposes the audience to join one of the group of walkers: hikers, sorcerers, demonstrators, strollers, party-goers, carriers of Effigies or teleprompters. 

Each group realises simple and collective actions that are bound together. La Belle Escorte is a game between each participant, the landscape and the crowd

Caterina Moroni (IT) | BLOOM & DOOM

Caterina Moroni is an independent performing artist and a cultural & social activist. She is focused on art in public space and on participatory processes. Her artistic research is about the interconnection of dramaturgy, sound environments, spaces and spectators’ experience.With her current project BLOOM & DOOM, the artist explores the topic of climate breakdown by developing an artistic proposal aiming to inspire people to take actions towards a more sustainable future. A wandering clan of young people leads the audience through a urban ritual, a “guided tour” to transmit to the public (the adults) their knowledge about adaptation, about how to survive, live and even party in a collapsing world.

Dániel Makkai - The Transforming Association (HU) | Apocalypse Training

The Transforming Association organizes and conducts open ended non-formal play events for children and adults in Hungary. The form of their actions in every case is playing, in a way where all participants are able to sway or even change the flow and rules of the game.The Apocalypse Training project is a site-specific and cooperative adventure game that offers a playful encounter with our innermost fears. Humans have always been fascinated by the idea of the end of the world. Visions of the Apocalypse and of our survival reactions both reflect our relationship to the present social and physical reality. These imaginary patterns are evoked by the Apocalypse Training.

Zineb Benzekri - Collectif Random (FR) | INSANE

In 2009, Zineb Benzekri founded the Collectif Random (with joint artistic direction from David Picard), an interdisciplinary collective that brings together artists from different backgrounds (theater, physical action, installation art and sound design). The INSANE project is a participative and immersive project mixing installations, soundscapes and performances. The audience is invited to search its inner child through a journey divided in different parts. Spectators are encouraged to get lost inside the itinerary, without being guided by anyone in order to be the ones to find their way in this dreamlike world. Are we still able to get lost? And, what do we do if we get lost? INSANE focuses on just such questions.

Norwich: 4 - 8 November 2019 | hosted by Norfolk & Norwich Festival (UK)

Radio Local by Hunt & Darton © Stephen King  

Caroline Melon - De Chair et d'Os (FR) | Suite for public transports

After leading the arts in public space festival Chahuts in Bordeaux (France) for twelve years, Caroline Melon has founded De Chair et d’os to develop her own hybrid and site-sensitive artistic projects. Although her productions take on a variety of forms, Caroline Melon's favorite materials are language, text and writing to create storytelling based on her experiences.With her current project Suite for publics transports, designed for public spaces, Caroline Melon seeks to scratch the surface of the busy people we have become and to recreate spontaneous opportunities for discussion. The project, divided in different parts, is designed for passersby and users of public transportation. In the first part, several performers are mingled with the crowd waiting on a tramway/train platform. Wearing headphones, they begin to sing a popular song, creating an invisible and poetic connection between them and with the people around them.Suite for public transports offers a daily dose of magic and a slightly unhinged “infra-ordinary”.

Israel López (CZ/EC) | Food Territories

The artist Israel López focuses on sound, light and smell as the main media creating subtle atmospheric compositions, and spatial dramaturgies. In his work, he keeps on searching for the relations between perception, space and experience.The Food Territories project comes out of a series of discussions exploring the concept of “encounter” and framing it as space. Food Territories is a dinner: a series of plates and situations staged to be shared with a stranger. How do we split a plate with a person that we don’t know, without recurring to verbal communication? How do we construct space while sharing food? Food Territories focuses on just such questions.

Jenny Hunt - Hunt & Darton (UK) | Radio Local

Hunt & Darton is a live art collaboration between Jenny Hunt and Holly Darton. They work across mediums – often creating installations to perform within most of which take on recognisable day to day formats in public arenas.In their current project Radio Local  – a 8/12/24 hour live radio broadcast  – both artists deconstruct each element of a classic ‘radio show’ in order to produce 'hyper-local' radio, built by, with and for locals! Although the structure of the work would remain the same at each location, the content is derived from the place and the people who contribute.

Johannes Schrettle (AT) I This city’s loneliness

In 2017, Johannes Schrettle (writer and performer) and Christina Lederhaas (performer and choreographer) founded the collective workinglifebalance LTD/GBR. Together, they work at the interface between movement and language.Loneliness is a global issue: cities can be overwhelming places, full of people, but often that doesn't prevent the inhabitants from feeling alone in them. This city’s loneliness project is inspired by this contemporary symptom of big city life. Designed for public spaces, the project aims to reconnect people through the use of participatory formats and a choreographic performance.

FREDRIKSTAD: 11- 15 November 2019 I hosted by Østfold Internasjonale Teater (NO)

Stranger within by Mia Habib & Jassem Hindi © Ingun Alette Mæhlum

Dagmar Slagmolen - Via Berlin (NL) | Act of Citizenship

Dagmar Slagmolen uses classical music as the main ingredient of her work. She works as a director for several ensembles and orchestra’s, and also with her own music theatre company Via Berlin.

The new production Act of Citizenship, explores the topic of atonement, starting from the traces Srebrenica left in the collective subconscious. Between 11th July and 13th July 1995, 8,000 Bosnians were slaughtered by Serbian militias in Srebrenica, a "safe area" supposedly protected by a UN Dutch battalion. 22 years later, the Netherlands are still under trial by the International Tribunal in The Hague, accused of partial liability for the killings. Dagmar Slagmolen wants to research collective guilt and acts of citizenship. Can citizens be guilty of wrongdoings committed by their government in their name, but without their approval? Is there something as generational guilt?

Fitore Berisha Alisdottir (XK) | lOve me please!

Fitore Berisha is a visual artist based in Prishtina (Kosovo). While she works in different art fields, she is mainly focused in paintings, murals, and multimedia. Her personal take on the project lOve me please! is motivated by the situation of isolation of the Kosovars within the European Union.

A face portrait, an emotion of a desperate, begging human being, isolated in an enclosed see through box exposed in a public space. The audience is invited to enter the box through the back door. This artistic protest has the ambition to make a strong call for all those who feel isolated and not included in their respective societies.

Marie van Vollenhoven - (NL) | THE INFINITY GAMES

Marie Bink van Vollenhoven is an independent artist, multimedia theatre maker and lecturer in the interdisciplinary art and design & technology department.

The Infinity Games designed is an interdisciplinary project combining music, science, (digital) design, dance and performance. The Infinity Games are a collaborative online playground, mirroring the complexity of real life.

Mia Habib & Jassem El Hindi (NO) I Stranger Within II

Mia Habib is a Norwegian dancer, performer and choreographer based in Oslo. In her work, she engages and activates people, especially in situations of intimacy and/or vulnerability, to incorporate them into her practice.Jassem El Hindi is a performance maker, teacher, sound artist. 

Stranger Within is a research and performance project conceived by Mia Habib and Jassem El Hindi. The premise is to be invited home by local residents and provided a meal in exchange for a performance and a conversation – a concept described as Dance for Food. Through this practice both artists explore the relationships between host and stranger. For the next step of development (Stranger Within II) Habib and Hindi intend to travel with a sailboat, and to extend the local engagement through a role-reversal.

Autrement qu'Ainsi by Yann Lheureux © Guillaume Peyre 

GLASGOW: 3 - 7 February 2020 I hosted by UZ Arts (UK)

Elmo Vermijs - (NL) | StagingWood

Architectural artist and designer Elmo Vermijs researches the relationship between space and regenerative production processes, in order to generate new perspectives by the use of materials in contemporary society.

In his latest long term project, StagingWood he explores our relationship with the forest, a tree and the material wood by taking the lifecycle of the forest as a starting-point. For now, resulting in two works: Residual landscape (2019) explores the relation between the spiritual worship of nature, and the linear production process of lumber. For Compost the linear (2019), he used the inner space of a hollow tree trunk as mould to shape compost amongst other materials.

Guy Veale (UK) | Hypha

Starting out as a DJ in 1990, Guy Veale has spent 30 years engaged in a variety of work, including sound design, music, art, film and photography.

His new creation Hypha 1 is intended as an evolving, aggregate and durational work to be delivered in successive phases. At its core is a unique listening experience for individuals. By placing head and ears inside a specially fabricated spherical “headset”, from which radiate a series of pipes, tubes and wires to connect and gather sound from the wider immediate environment, the listener will have their hearing augmented, extended and altered in unexpected ways. Beyond acting as a listening station, the structure will also be used as a recording device to document the sonic footprint of a given environment or site from a variety of angles and media.

Luke Jerram (UK) | Of Earth and Sky

Luke Jerram's multidisciplinary arts practice involves the creation of sculptures, installations and live artworks.

His current project Of Earth & Sky combines his interest in giving people the opportunity for creative expression and bringing people together – on this occasion, around poetry and landscape. This work will ask the public to create short lines of text and poetry about the local area where they will be displayed within the landscape, alongside railway track.

Yann Lheureux (FR) I Autrement qu'Ainsi(working title)

Yann Lheureux is a choreographer and a dancer based in Montpellier (FR). He has created many choreographic pieces for public space in France and abroad. His questioning leads him to collaborate with artists from different disciplins and backgrounds, to approach deeply the self-exploration and the relationship with the other, as well as to debate the relationship between art and society.

Since 2017, he has started a new research and work cycle on the issue of memory in relation with identity, the body, the territory, particularly based on research on Alzheimer’s disease.