Platform 2014-2017

The IN SITU Platform project run from November 2014 to October 2017, with the aim to highlight and promote the emerging artists who work outside conventional venues and contribute to the transformation of European territories.

At the begining the IN SITU Platform included 18 members from 13 countries in the European Union. In 3 years, it finally involved 27 members from 18 countries, reaching a yearly live audience of around one million people throughout the continent.

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IN SITU Focuses

IN SITU Focuses were European showcase events organised yearly to promote IN SITU artists. Each member of the platform presented a selection of emerging artistic creations in its region. Public events, media coverage and specific communication materials promoted the IN SITU artists. Discover it here.

IN SITU Focus +

IN SITU Focus + was the annual version of Focuses, organised each September in Marseille by the project Leader Lieux publics. Meant to be a main visibility window of the IN SITU Platform, it was the place to showcase all the IN SITU emerging artists of the year, including a gathering of all members, public conferences and a large media coverage. Discover it here.

Emerging spaces

Emerging spaces were laboratories for artistic reflection designed to bring together programmers and emerging artists from across Europe. Nine days of seminar every year to discover the latest artistic trends, share and dream up new creations together, create connections and build shared expertise on current issues related to public space. 

Venaria Reale - 17th-19th of March 2015

Norfolk & Norwich festival - 23rd-25th of March 2015

Plzen - 31st of March-2nd of April 2015

Budapest - 8th-12th of March 2016

Marseille - 22nd-26th of March 2016

Pristina -  4th-8th of April 2016

Hull - 2nd-4th of May 2017 

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Ambassadors’ missions

Ambassadors’ missions facilitated the mobility of IN SITU members, so that they could become ambassadors for IN SITU in Europe and beyond. As such, members represented the network and had the opportunity to identify and promote emerging artists internationally.


Artopolis Association - HU
Atelier 231 - FR
Ctyri dny (Four Days) - CZ
Stadt Detmold - DE
FAI AR - Formation Avancée et Itinérante des Arts de la Rue - FR
Københavns Internationale Teater - DK
La Strada - international festival of street art and puppet theater - AT
Norfolk & Norwich Festival Ltd - GB
Stichting Terschellings Oerol Festival - NL
Østfold kulturutvikling Scenekunst Østfold - NO
Provincie Limbourg - Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof - BE
Association Les Tombées de la nuit - FR
UZ Arts LTD - GB
Association La Paperie - FR
Centre International de Formation en Arts du Spectacle (CIFAS) - BE
Open Arts Foundation - BG
Freedom Festival Trust Ltd. - UK
Biela Noč, o.z. - SK
Busart - GR
Plzen 2015, obecne prospesna spolecnost - CZ
Fundación Municipal de Cultura-Ayuntamiento de Valladolid - ES
AO Asociatia Tinerilor Artisti Oberliht - MD