Johannes Bellinkx @PLACCC Festival

In 'Reverse' the audience members walk backwards along a given route in the city, through different public and private spaces.

13 may. > 15 may.

Budapest, Hungary

Are you always on your way forward? Always with the next goal in mind? What if you turned around for a moment? Literally speaking.

Dutch-Belgian artist Johannes Bellinkx manipulates our perception of time and reality when he invites us to turn our backs on everything familiar to wander backwards through the city. We step out of our comfort zones and into a city we no longer recognise. The project is inspired by certain Asian and African cultures that do not perceive time linearly, but simultaneously, where past and future do not exist, but every moment which happens adds up.

Walking backward is a concentrated, physical experience, where attention loses its focus, and the world turns into a widescreen. As simple as turning an everyday action around – walking backwards instead of forward – gives you brand new perspectives on your surroundings.The route is marked and you are in safe hands. There is no need to look over the shoulder. A hypnotic sound image composed of city sounds accompanies you, magnifies and shifts reality, and you must surrender yourself to the unknown and the unexpected.


Concept & direction: Johannes Bellinkx

Composer: Sjoerd Leijten

App developer: Teackele Soepboer

Installation: Thijs Wieman

The form of the performance: urban walk for one participant at the timeLength of the walk: appr. 70 min / participant

Supporters:Embassy of Belgium - Flemish Representation, In Situ, Creative EuropeSpecial thanks:ELTE Eötvös József Collegium, Allee

The program is realised in the framework of the Budapest Spring Festival in the collaboration of Placcc Festival, Budapest Brand and Eleven Blokk