The Hull Vigil

03 may. > 03 may. 2022

Freedom Festival

A year-long vigil will begin in Hull with the UK premiere of a monumental performance telling the story of a city coming back to life.

Every day for a year, at sunrise and sunset, a vigil will keep watch over Hull from a bespoke structure located on top of the Hull College building.

Over the course of one year, 730 people will contribute to the collective vigil - a 365 day silent and peaceful performance - to watch over the city.

Freedom Festival, an organisation known for creating the unexpected, is producing The Hull Vigil, as it brings the performance to Hull - the first UK city to host this timely, thought-provoking, large-scale monumental work by Australian-Belgian choreographer Joanne Leighton from Paris-based WLDN.

Participation in The Hull Vigil will open at 10am on 1 March 2021. 

The Vigil can run during Covid restrictions and all necessary arrangements have been put in place to ensure compliance with Covid guidelines.