'Water Music', Pierre Sauvageot @Marseille

23 apr.

Marseille, France

In Italian, to hear is called “sentire”. In the bath of a swimming pool, the ears in the water, the public will "feel" the music, feel as much as listen to the vibrations by bone, by osteophony.

Lying on a floating mat, our ears submerged, we listen to a piece performed by a soloist out of the water. Sea conch, engulfed trumpet, breaths, heartbeats, flowing breaststroke, songs of whales or groupers, runoff, drops, shocks of stones, sirens, sonars, foam... everything comes together, between the musical text and the amniotic context, to deep and intimate listening.

A meeting between art and science mobilizing the most recent discoveries on the song of fish or on the diffusion of underwater sound.