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FOCUS 2017 - IN SITU Platform

27 Oct 2017

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TheatreFragile - We Meet in Paradise © Walter Meutzner
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Olivier Grossete - The People's Tower (Philadelphia 2017)
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Public Facades (Chisinau 2017)
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Dries Verhoeven - Guilty Landscapes
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Pudding Theatre - Geopolis © Yves Humel
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Luke Jerra m -Museum of the Moon (Rennes 2017) © Nicolas Joubard
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Mischief Là-Bas (Pristina 2017) © Rrahman Osmani
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Teatri ODA - X-TERR (Pristina 2017) © Rrahman Osmani
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La Fabrique Royale - Zéro Degré (Graz 2017)
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Adhok - Immortel © Gégoire Edouard
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Le G. Bistaki - The Baina Trampa Fritz Fallen © Rrahman Osmani
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Deletere - AR2.0_APHALOOP (Plovdiv 2017) © Nikola Zafirov
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Meetlab - How to Disappear Completely? (Budapest 2017) © Meetlab
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Luas De Man - In Search of europe © Phile Deprez
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Benjamin Vandewalle - Walking The Line © Dario Prinari
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Anna Rispoli, Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner « Tes Mots dans ma bouche »
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Luke Jerram - Museum of The Moon - Biela Noc 2017 © Jaroslav Novak
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Berlin - Zvizdal (Chernobyl - So far so close) © Frederik Buyckx
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Alexandros Mistriotis

The IN SITU Focus are at the core of the IN SITU experience. Those are the moment when the audience can discover and meet the IN SITU artists during festivals or at special events. In 2017, no less than 54 IN SITU artists have toured around Europe in more than 20 countries.

You can have a look back at 2017 on the interactive map of Europe we created specially for Instagram. From Norwich to Bratislava, spot and click on the Blue Car to take part in an interactive experience in public space inspired by the work of IN SITU artists.

Østfold Kulturutvikling (Norway) | October

Alexandros Mistriotis (Greece)

Alexandros Mistriotis is part of the Greek independent scene that emerged during the last decade. He has travelled across Europe to share his views on a variety of issues such as the relation between art with politics or the relation between technology and culture.

This time he was invited by Østfold kulturutvikling to explore the current European agony in front of de-industrialisation and the fact that our economies have not been able to propose any solution yet.

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Alexandros Mistriotis

4+4 Day in Motion (Czech Republic) | October

BERLIN (Belgium) - Zvizdal

The Zvizdal film project captures Petro and Nadja’s everyday life over the course of five years (2011–2015). The explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on the night from 26 to 27 April 1986 dramatically changed the lives of all inhabitants of the surrounding region: people from 90 towns and villages located within 30 kilometres of the power plant were forced to move out of the contaminated area. But the elderly couple of Petro and Nadja refused to leave the place where they were born and had lived all their life. The filmmakers from the Berlin art group travelled to Zvizdal twice a year in order to film the couple’s life not just over the years but also in the different seasons of the year. The result is a moving multimedia project that combines documentary film on a double-sided screen with images projected on three models of the building that Petro and Nadja inhabit. The experimental and visually impressive performance brings the viewer into intimate contact with the strange atmosphere of isolation in the contaminated zone. It is a story of loneliness, poverty, and struggle for survival, but also a tale of determination, love, and hope.

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Berlin - Svizdal

Lucas De Man (The Netherlands) - In Search of Europe

As part of the In Search of Europe project, Lucas de Man spent 30 days visiting 17 cities in eight countries, where he talked with more than 20 young creative professionals who are trying to make a positive impact on society. De Man was pleasantly surprised that the new generation is ready to fight for these changes, and the experience inspired him to create the lecture-performance De Man in Europe, in which he compares our current transitional era to the time when the Middle Ages gave way to the Renaissance – another era that gave birth to an entire generation of visionaries (e.g., Erasmus of Rotterdam, Thomas More, Martin Luther) whose ideas shaped the Europe we live in today.

The lecture-performance De Man in Europe consists of excerpts from interviews that give viewers insight into the ideas and inner struggles of young Europeans. It is part of In Search of Europe: Discovering the Self, a project realized in collaboration with Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Company New Heroes, and several other (foreign) partners.

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Lucas De Man © Phile Deprez

Biela Noc (Slovakia) | October

Luke Jerram (The United Kingdom) - Museum of the Moon

Measuring seven metres in diameter, the moon features 120dpi detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface. At an approximate scale of 1:500,000, each centimetre of the internally lit spherical sculpture represents 5km of the moon’s surface. The installation is a fusion of lunar imagery, moonlight and surround sound composition created by BAFTA and Ivor Novello award winning composer Dan Jones. Together they create magical artwork, which highlights the latest moon science, as well as represents various individual stories and mythologies.

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Luke Jerram - Museum of the Moon © Jaroslav Novák

CIFAS (Belgium) |September

Anna Rispoli (Italy / Belgium) - Tes mots dans ma bouche

In collaboration with Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner (DE),  Anna Rispoli has invited eight people to confront their views on the topic of love from ethical, moral, religious and sexual points of views: a polyamorous woman raised in a kibbutz, a Protestant pastor, a sex club manager, a Muslim Syrian, a German extreme right-wing Buddhist, a sexual assistant for the disabled, a neuropsychiatrist and a woman... Confronted with a radical diversity, they were all encouraged to speak out, to express the unsaid.

In very intimate or very public places, the transcription of this original conversation is proposed to the public who will lend its own mouth to these words from others in a collective reconstruction.  What does it mean to be the vessel of someone else's words, of its beliefs and values? How to continue the dialogue after this experience? 

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Anna rispoli - Tes mots dans ma bouche © Bea Borgers

Provinciaal domein Dommelhof + C-mine present C-takt#1(Belgium) | September

Benjamin Vandewalle (BE) - He(a)r

He(a)r is an sound choreography that unfolds around and between the audience. Choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle and composer Yoann Durant develop a human soundscape that explore the physical power of sound.  Benjamin and Yoann immerse themselves in sound, but go beyond the source, receiver and aesthetics. Hear examines sound as matter and does not revolve around physicality but rather around bodies which it tests. You're here in He(a)r and there and over there. Sound is always and everywhere.

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Benjamin Vandewalle

Terni Festial (Italy) | September

Lucas de Man - De Man in Europe 

For his project In Search Of Europe, Lucas De Man travelled to 17 cities in 8 countries in 30 days. He interviewed more than 20 young creators (creative professionals), who are trying to change the society they live in for the better. What struck him is that there is a new generation awakening in Europe and that they are ready to fight for change. Inspired by this journey, Lucas made and performed a lecture performance De Man in Europe. In this performance Lucas relates the transition period our continent is in now, to the previous paradigm changing period: the shift from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. At that time a generation of visionaries emerged with Erasmus, Thomas More and Luther, on whose ideas Europe as we know it now was built. Is something similar happening now? Lucas took a camera team and a journalist from De Correspondent with him to look for our current European generation; Who are the visionaries? How do they see our time and society? Where do they stand in current hot issues, such as new democracy, (the enclosure of) the commons and Europe. What do they think should change and, more importantly, what are they doing about it?

PLACCC City Conversations (Hungary) | September

MEETLAB (Hungary) - How to Disappear Completely?

There are many ways to disappear. You can disappear from work, from the map, from the city. You can disappear from your own life, or from somebody else’s life. But to disappear literally and completely is almost impossible. Andrei Ivanov, a well known researcher and disappearance expert, committed all his life to study the impossible. And suddenly – not unexpected though – he disappeared from the scientific discourse forever. MeetLab is willing to discover and continue the peculiar story based on Ivanov’s fictional novel and his inventions. As a part of Placcc festival, MeetLab proposed a workshop, where participants were invited to meet the researcher’s story, and to fabricate several inventions according to his patents, and to test the inventions at an experimental field installed in a private flat.

NIGHT Plovdiv (Bulgaria) |September

Deletere (France) - A.R 2.0_Alphaloop

Starting from the postulate that there is no reality but rather a set of paradigms which influence our perceptions of reality and defining our relationship to the world, AR2.0_Alphaloop explores this problematic hijacking traditional use of mobile phones through a participative, immersive and ambulatory experiment. This communication prosthesis becomes here an artificial organ of perception, which substitutes to the ones of every user. The public space becomes the theatre of a strange technological ritual, which will open some backdoors through the reality.

FAI AR Masterclass | Summer 2017

Partner of IN SITU since 2014, FAI-AR develops training modules dedicated to the discovery of European writings for the public space. In 2017 this meant organizing cycle of masterclasses of artists supported by the network. These workshops have been hosted at various festivals between June and September. They were aimed at artists of all disciplines, wishing to experiment with the tools developed by a "master" in his field of reference.

#2 Festival Viva Cité in Sotteville-lès-Rouen - THE CITY AND ITS MYSTERIES, MENTALISM IN PUBLIC SPACE

Masterclass by Kurt Demey, Rode Boom (Belgium) | Practical workshop to discover some secrets of mentalism by collecting mysterious elements concealed in the city and which can serve as support to the creation of small miracles of poetic illusion.

#2 Avignon Festival & Compagnies – Le OFF à Avignon - Hidden Theater

Masterclass by Gabriella Cserhati, GK collective (France) | A discovery of the principles of hidden theater and an invitation to explore new theatrical forms to invent and to test in direct relation with the context of the streets of Avignon.

#3 Festival d’Aurillac - PHYSICAL URBAN DISTORTION

Masterclass of Anna Anderegg, Asphalt piloten (Switzerland - Germany) | An experimental confrontation between body and space. With the help of the body and somatic means, Anna Anderegg proposed examining the possibilities of movement in space: the interior space as an abstract environment and the public space as a field of research.

#4 Festival Travellings, Lieux publics Marseille - SURVIVAL OF THE UTOPIC BODIES

Masterclass of Arnaud Pirault, Groupenfontion (France - Belgium) A few hours to try to cbond the individual and the group. Here by the dance - the dance of each, non-learned, intimate - as a tool of emancipation.

Freedom Festival (UK) | September

Le G. Bistaki (FR) - The Baïna Trampa Fritz Fallen

A delightful and amusing postmodernism promenade performance, like something straight out of a crazy French dream. Ruthless and cheeky rascals like in an American western, Le G. Bistaki thrilled the city of Hull with their wacky voodoo rituals, surreal video projections, passionate tango, gleaming white suits, a ton of corn and fiery fights.

UZ Arts Symposium (The United Kingdom) | August

Moving Out: 'Going International'

With the participation of IN SITU members and artists, the discussion with the audience and a group of specialists focused on accessing and delivering international collaborations, the relevance of publically-engaged practice to international residencies, and the impact of international residencies on artists' work and sense of cultural identity. It offered a crucial guide for artists and producers seeking to work outside both their home country and their comfort zone.

Stadt Detmold (Germany) - Movements | August

Cie Adhok - Immortels

Adhok asks the question of what it means to be young today. Immortels is a dance-theatre project exploring this period between childhood and adulthood in a poetical and tactful way, involving young performers in the creative process. It has led to two new distinct performances: "Le Nid" and "L'envol". With an age gap of around 50 years, two generations bare all and risk revealing themselves in the street!

During the dance festival "Movements", dancers and choreographers discussed the topic of "youth". What does it mean to be young today, how do young people imagine their present and future? The performances were intended to inspire young people and young adults.

La Strada, Graz (Austria) | July - August

La Fabrique Royale (FR) - Zéro Degré

Gravity is not really their thing – at least it seems that they don’t really take it that seriously. Fabrique Royal free-runners, who developed their latest project during a residency in Graz for several days, demonstrated on walls and objects of everyday life in the public space that we should not let ourselves be so easily impressed by something as trivial as gravity. In combination with projections and music, a work of art is being developed, with the first try-outs being shown at La Strada 2017.

Teatri ODA (Kosovo) - HAPU Fest | July

Teatri ODA - X-TERR

X-TERR is about an artistic ability to transform a specific part of a territory within a “normal” territory to be experienced through a drive. The audience is invited to experience a drive through an audio-visual installation happening through the car’s audio system. This project questions the borders of our own individual safe environments. What happens when our individual spaces open up and merge into a collective societal realm? Psychologically, how do these boundaries impact our mindset levels? How this realm is changed and transformed by political forces, global trends, refugee crisis, and economical challenges?

Mischief Là-Bas - Nursery Crymes

Nursery Crymes by Scottish company Mischief Là-Bas is a nocturnal, site-specific promenade performance that explores the ideas of authority, morality and social indoctrination that underpins the rhymes, songs, stories or "educative lessons" we learn as children.

ODA also progammed French company Le G. Bistaki and hosted a talk aimed at discovering of behind the scenes and sharing ofe xperiences of an international collaboration in artistic creations dedicated to public space. Artists from Mischief La-Bas (Scotland), Kosovo youth and artists and Hugo Bergs, Artistic coordinator of C-TAKT from Dommelhof (Belgium) discussed the challenges and advantages of a cultural collaboration at the European level. How are artistic works involving participants conceptualised and developed? Are we aware of the crime when we “educate” new and coming generations? How does our childhodd dictae our future choices? How are these themes treated in Nursery Crymes?

Les tombées de la nuit (France)

Luke Jerram (UK) - Museum of the Moon

Museum of the Moon has appeared in Rennes, hovering over the main pool at St. Georges Swimming Pool. It remained there for three weeks. Above the water, the awe-inspiring piece melded into the regular life of the building. It shined around-the-clock so that anyone could visit for a moonlight swim under the sculpture and enjoy the amazing and deeply moving experience it is bound to procure. Museum of the Moon is a fusion of lunar imagery, moonlight and surround sound composition that is touring all around Europe this summer.

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Luke Jerram - Museum of the Moon © Nicolas Joubard

Atelier 231 - Festival Viva Cité (France) | July

Pudding Theatre (France) - Geopolis

This year, Viva Cité welcomed Pudding Theatre who presented their latest creation: Geopolis. It tells the story, set in an imaginary world, of seven people transformed by the geopolitical context of the place they live. The history of their lives, their community and their region. It is a humanist project mixing street theatre and images, which seeks to build bridges between people and explore migratory flows in areas under pressure, with a benevolent and a poetic touch.

The audience in Sotteville-lès-Rouen also had the chance to take party in performances by Kurt Demey/ Rode boom (BE), Cie Willi Dorner (AT), Cie Kumulus and to experience a very unique IN SITU Space built by Les Plastiqueurs (FR).

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Pudding Téâtre - Metropolis

Oerol Festival (The Netherlands) | June

Dries Verhoeven - Guilty Landscape

The continual availability of news on laptops, TV’s and smartphones makes us perpetual witnesses to complex situations across the globe. We can feel unease each day through the confrontation with presumed poverty and desperation. Guilty Landscapes transports images of uneasy responsibility into the white cube of a gallery. In an interactive video installation, the protagonists look directly at the museum visitor, providing a framework for each viewer to scrutinize their own feelings of discomfort. What if the news watches you back?

This year, Oerol programmed not less than 9 IN SITU artists whose works question the relationship between manking and the environment: Schweigman& (Be), Strijbos &VanRijswijk (NL), Dries Verhoeven (NL), BERLIN / Het Zuidelijk Toneel (BE), Luke Jerram (UK), Collectief Walden (NL), Effetto Larsen (IT), Plastique Fantastique (DE) and Benjamin Vandewalle (BE).

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Dries Verhoeven - Guilty Landscape

Oberliht - Public Facades (Moldavie)

The series of actions and events organized in June as part of the “Public Facades” project is an attempt to contribute to the development of Chisinau (Moldova) residential areas through cultural innovation and creativity. By initiating various artistic experiments Oberliht aimed to consolidate the local communities, encouraging interaction among different groups within the district and stimulate social cohesion.

The Public Facades project aimed to identify innovative solutions for greater cultural mobility directed towards the residential areas, which would facilitate the circulation of the artworks and artists and that would respond better to the cultural needs of the inhabitants. The planned actions take into consideration the urban identity specific for this area and are aiming to complement the programs and resources that are already available in the district.

Several IN SITU artists were invited to take part in the project: Balint Toth and Ambrus Ivanyos from MEETLAB (HU), Saffy Setohy (UK) and Steffan Rusu (MD)

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Kimmel Center - PIFA 2018 Preview (The United States of America) | June

Olivier Grossetête - The People's Tower

Brought to Philadelphia for the first time by French visual artist Olivier Grossetête in partnership with Kimmel Center, hundreds of Philadelphians constructed The People's Tower, a huge edifice without any cement or bricks: 1,400 cardboard boxes and 18 miles of masking tape rose into an 88 foot monumental-community-performance-architectural structure evocative of Independence Hall.

Norfolk & Norwich Festival (the United Kingdom) | May

TheatreFragile - We Meet in Paradise

The soundscapes of the city whittle away as we are drawn to a wooden box roaming around. The journey was long, lasting days, through unknown lands. It searches for a place to arrive. Speechless, they emerge. Where are they? Exile is the name of their destination. Asylum is their hope. They tell tales from their escape and arrival, dreams and fears and how they start their lives anew. A theatre collage of mask performance, voice recordings and interactive installations.

For this project TheatreFragile worked with refugees and volunteers gathering their stories, listening to their experiences, thoughts and inner struggles to create a piece that offers a different insight to this topic far away from the current heated debate.