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Focus+ | Travellings 2017 - IN SITU Platform

08 Sep - 09 Sep 2017

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© Vincent Muteau
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© Alexandros Mistriotis
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© Chris Haring
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© Anne Thuot
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© Ex Nihilo
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© Jean-Pierre Tutard
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© JP Estournet
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© Veronika Tzekova
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© Marco Barotti
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© Maxime Demartin
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© Martin Kochan

In this fourth edition of Travellings, IN SITU's yearly gathering, European artists will be telling the stories of lifes on the move, covering journeys of all kinds, trips, departures and homecomings, and often involving amateur artists. These shows will recount journeys, language variations and shared experiences...

Flying the nest?
Heading into exile?
How can we understand one another?
How about playing together with the city, in various European countries?
Taking an active part in the community?
What is democracy …here? …elsewhere in Europe?



8 and 9 September 2017
Cité des arts de la rue - 225 avenue des Aygalades 13015 Marseille
+33(0)4 91 03 81 28 -
Friday 8 September : from 7pm to 10pm Saturday 9 September : from 3pm to 10pm free entrance
Time and place of the shows will be online on on 10 July 2017.


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