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Anne Thuot

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Country : Belgium

Trailer LYDIA RICHARDSON Festival Signal Cifas/ 24.09.2016 & Nuit Blanche Bruxelles/ 01.10.2016 © Sara Sampelayo

Anne Thuot is a French performing artist who moved to Brussels to study at INSAS. After she finished her studies, she started staged contemporary writings with her group, Toc with an emphasis on the process of "work in progress". Toc performs in Belgium and France. Anne Thuot also worked with the Transquinquennal collective, Dito’Dito, the Flemish youth theatre Bronks…

Field studies are at the core of her practice. Be it through Wild, a performance for teenagers that questions their emerging sexuality and that is played in schools; Looking for the Putes Mecs in which Anne Thuot and Diane Fourdrignier look for male prostitutes in the city they visit; Lydia Richardson in which she questions her own privileges as a "perfect European" through a conflict generating alter-ego in collaboration with Flore Herman and Sara Sampelayo.

Her experience with amateurs in Gala from choreographer Jérôme Bel as well as workshops given in art schools helped her develop the participative part of her projects.