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Bambuco / Cie Caracol

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Country : Australia, France

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© Vincent Lucas

Bambuco creates temporary Art installations with bamboo. There is nothing original about that; people have been building with bamboo for thousands of years. What makes our work different is the sheer scale of the structures and the spectacular way these are put together. We use bamboo, climbers, rope and not much else. The installations combine theatre, sculpture and architecture. The audience is often captivated by the apparent danger. We consider each construction a performance. Bambuco is typically engaged by Arts Festivals.


Brought up in a cosmopolitan culture of travel and exile, Francine Vidal has always been fascinated with being on the move. And, for movers, the only thing that you can always carry with you, wherever you go, is the word.
In 1995, she began to tell stories and in 2000 founded the Compagnie Caracol. . In French, the word “caracol” refers to a horse’s prancing. In Spanish, Caracol means snail, the eternal traveller among animal figures, always on the move, with its house on its back. Caracol too, for the dynamics of this word, poised at the crossroads of meanings and languages. And so, the Compagnie Caracol explores the art of telling stories, in a number of forms, including :
story-telling tours : often featuring solo performances that can take place just about anywhere that the public can be gathered together !); recitals : the fruit of meetings of joint efforts with one or more musicians); shows : the most spectacular forms, visual theatre.
Installation-performance : in collaboration with other troupes (Les Arts Sauts, Kitsou Dubois, Bambuco).