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Country : Denmark

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Video by Bureau Detours

Bureau Detours is movement of colourful, untamed unpredictability. They work with great social commitment, testing the limits of the public space by creating utopias where new relationships and interactions between people occur.

Bureau Detours is a creative organization with great interest in creating social environments in public spaces.They operate on various platforms in a mix of art, design, architecture and cityplanning. The key is, inspiring young and old to relate and bond with their city and neighborhood.

A fantastic mix of craftsmen, architects, teachers, designers, musicians, sound and light technicians, artists, gardeners and more work together to solve the task ahead. Bureau Detours’ unique mix of disciplines, have created changes and surprises since 2006. Out of all these experiences a philosophy was created to construct urban studies and present design methods in scale 1:1 in the public space.

The bureau is mainly based in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Oslo.