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Chiara Trevisan

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Country : Italy

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© Michele Maiocchi
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 Shaped by micro-shows and puppetry, she explores the potential of the relationship vis-à-vis and of the artistic languages connected to it. Her projects are strongly oriented towards the search for original solution to question taken up by the community.
She debuted with Valentino’s Flea Circus (2002), a micro-show with objects and imagination in a box for one person at a time.
In 2009, Piantalalà, a speechless double performance, with objects and a mime (Chiara Vallini) was about the gap between perception and interpretation.
With Lunargentina (2010) she used storytelling with animated figures, to explore the theme of loneliness.
The Safety box, (2011) was a micro-performance with objects in a box, on the topic of safety at work for construction sites.
Since 2013, with La Lettrice vis-à-vis, participatory performance of micro-conversations and reading, in public and private space, she has shifted the balance between performance and relationship. The first has become functional at the second.
Since 2011, with the Associazione Culturale C’era l’acca and Network Su Misura she was involved with her artistic and organizational skills in support of festivals and events in La Reggia di Venaria Reale (Turin)
From 2011 she is artist member of IN SITU, European network for artistic creation in public space.
Since 2013 she works as a street artist in free form, to complement the structured professional form with the research and the constant dialoguing with the public space in its immediacy."