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De Chair et d'Os

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Country : France

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De chair et d'os - KAIROS © Ronald Dara
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De chair et d'os - La Tournée © La Paperie
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De chair et d'os - Le monde de demain © Jonas Girard

De chair et d'os creates site-specific projects. After overseeing the Chahuts festival in Bordeaux (France) for twelve years, its artistic director, Caroline Melon has presented hybrid, multi-faceted and unique art projects. Although her productions take on a variety of forms (performances, exhibitions, participatory installations, territorial projects), her preferred materials are still language, text and writing that have storytelling based on her experiences. Her practice therefore adapts to every new situation, but draws on recurring aspirations and working processes, using a method that blends documentary and creation, diverse teams, immersive approaches, and a clear penchant for partying experimentation, games, mystery and surprise.