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De Utvalgte

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Country : Norway

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De Utvalgte © Ekker Ole
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De Utvalgte © Zadig
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De Utvalgte - Auka røynd (Work in Progress) © Zadig

De Utvalgte is an autonomous theater company that has made its mark during the last fifteen years by displaying a desire to seek new expression, but also new content in the stage arts.

De Utvalgte is a theater company founded in Oslo in 1994 after the group’s original lineup graduated at the Nordic School of Theatre in Denmark. The company consists of Kari Holtan, Boya Beckman, Torbjørn Davidsen, Anne Holtan, Morten Kippe, and link up with other artists as needed.

De Utvalgte deals with contemporary theater and their performances are moving in the borderland between theater, visual art and performance. They create a distinctive and multifaceted expression through the assembly of self-made instruments such as video, text, sound and music.
De Utvalgte has as the first in the world developed new technology that uses 3D film scenography and narratives.
The performances often have a cast consisting of people with and without acting experience. This adds a dimension to the play with roles and identities, authenticity and theatricality.

The company mixes the comic and the tragic in bold ridicule of their own and others’ inadequacies.

A few words from the company

"We have long been concerned about what is happening with Europe, where old power structures are crumbling at their joints while an emerging neo-nationalism grows forth. We see a strong polarizing between groups/classes in society built upon fear and xenophobia. Are we on our way into a new era whereby powerlessness opens for totalitarian and anti-democratic forms of rule, and authoritarian leaders are cultivated because we no longer trust reason? What kind of irrational powers guide us when we fear for the future, and the hope for a better future is extinguished? These are questions we want to investigate through myths and archetypal images of power and its disintegration. We want to explore the relationship between logos and mythos in the contemporary. Our intention is to find a place outdoors where the environment will be a fundamental aspect of the aesthetic expression as well as the sensory experience of the performance. Music, images, and movement will be essential means that interact with the elements at play in the sites we choose. These can be the existing lights, sounds, smells, and forms in the landscape, whether they be urban and created by people, or formed by the forces of nature. We will investigate the place's history and what lives therein. Regarding the textual foundation we are currently in the research phase, yet we are inspired by Shakespeare's King Lear, Stridberg's Anatomy of a Snowfall, texts of Nietzsche, and Greek and Nordic mythology."

De Utvalgte