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Effetto Larsen

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Country : Italy

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Imagine a world in which every human being can become aware about him or herself and others', developing a universal communication that goes beyond borders, cultures, languages and social differences. That is what Effetto Larsen dream of. They use the body as a tool for research, connection and communication, and simplicity as a way of acting. Effetto Larsen, born as a theatre company, has always focused on human relationships; over the years they have developed an extremely original research path, widening their horizons from the traditional theatre perspective and investigating, through performing arts, the human being and its relationships, founding elements of everyone's lives.

Their working methods, their point of view and their activities are constantly evolving. Free from any kind of constrains, they like to open up to other disciplines, places, people, relentlessly confronting the surrounding reality. All of their projects give participants an active role, as part of the creative process itself or as audience. During all their activities, from performances to training, they draw the lesson from their theatrical experience: self and others' awareness educates people on discovering a precious inner space, from which higher quality relationships can develop.