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Elmo Vermijs

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Country : The Netherlands

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Compost the linear © YAMAMOTO Tadasu / Elmo Vermijs
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Residual landscape © YAMAMOTO Tadasu / Elmo Vermijs

Architectural artist and designer Elmo Vermijs (1982, NL) researches the relationship between space and regenerative production processes, in order to generate new perspectives by the use of materials in contemporary society.

Elmo Vermijs graduated cum laude in 2006 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in the direction of architectural design. From his fascination for the relationship between space and social behaviour, he realized the connectingcorridor and the peopleskitchen for his graduation. His perspective on space he continued under the name Studio Elmo Vermijs. Elmo Vermijs has given numerous lectures, presentations and workshops for (inter)national public.

For 100% Terschelling (2012-2015), he researched the relationship between the production of local (waste) materials and knowledge. Kom-post (2016), centralizes compost as both building material and as a starting-point to discuss the re-use of waste-materials and energy. In GROUNDED (2018), he questions the future of the polder, a typical Dutch landscape, by looking at the lifecycle of materials and local histories from a migrating birds’-eye view.