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Country : France

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Marie Delaite and Capucine Dufour about their work and public space

“L’ écumerie” is a studio of public spaces creation. This collective was born from a desire for challenging people's ordinary perception on their ordinary territories,  for poetically hustling their habits through artistic interventions in the landscape.

The “foamers” of the collective, Capucine Dufour and Marie Delaite, 2 young ladies both landscapes architects and public space playwrights, share one objective: develop a message about anthropic spaces and its artistic transcription thanks to the movement of the bodies in space. Associating emotive sensitivity and spatial acuity, they propose an approach of contextualized artistic project, based on the attentive observation, the experiment of a local life and the test in situ.

Marie Delaite graduated from the French Ecole du Paysage and trained as a contemporary artist with Odile Duboc before joining FAI-AR (higher education programme on art in public space). In 2014, she created the collective L’écumerie with Capucine Dufour.

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Marie Delaite and Capucine Dufour during a residency for the creation of Estrans © David Michaud

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Pierre-Louis Gallot during L'écumerie residency for Estrans' creation in Noirnoutier, France © L'écumerie