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La Fabrique Royale

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Country : France

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French Freerun Family © La Fabrique Royale

La Fabrique Royale is a project promotion and development organization specialising in emerging artistic and sport cultures.

In order to to accompany all these actors in their professionalisation and their artistic achievement La Fabrique Royale provides tools for writing, creating and conceptualizing, coupled with a technical team firmly anchored in innovation.

Zéro Degré

The Zéro Degré project is multifaceted. It is a quest, a social action, an artistic presentation, a medium that seeks to raise questions and address social, cultural and technical barriers. It is an in situ art form that ambulates, infiltrates and interacts with locals and their environments All the project’s participants, from visual artists to freerunners, videographers and musicians, create a trace, a new form of movement in a compartmentalised space, using their media and art to help create an audible form that will lead to future dialogue.