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Country : Hungary

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Meetlab - How to Disappear Completely, Budapest (2017) © Meetlab

MeetLab is a collective of young artists and professionals coming from different disciplines and also an open studio that functions as a hub for creative ideas and a workplace for their development.

Their aim is to explore new ways of creating artistic projects that can’t be labeled by the present standards. They wish to break the boundaries that separate performing or applied art from the technological world or design. Their goal is to find the synthesis between ART and TECH through interdisciplinary projects and invent new categories that are based on a real contemporary view of the constantly changing world around us.

In 2016, they joined our forces to create different artistic projects, installations, games and commercial or design work under the name of MeetLab. In their studio, they are ready to develop projects from concept to production and organize events and workshops to keep constant contact with other professionals.