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Stereo Akt & Artus company

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Country : Hungary

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© Maitei Bartha

Artus is on one hand a creative center – a 2000 m2 venue converted from an abandoned factory building, on the other hand the interdisciplinar collective of the 30 artists working here and also the Association that provides the infrastructural background for our work.

Performances of the Company, visual art exhibitions, guest performances and other cultural events  comply the regular programs of the studio.

Artus Company is an independent contemporary physical theatre, founded in 1985 by Gábor Goda. We have created more than 50 performances since our estabilishment, played in 22 countries. We have been seeking and organizing international projects, resident programmes and coproductions since the beginning.

In the STEREO Akt performances The theatre is an event, the viewer is a participant, and the essence of the event is the encounter of the reality of the viewer and the imagination of the creator. There are only participants, and the participation is always voluntary. And the opportunity of the participation is just a proposal.

The essence of the STEREO Akt performances is born in the – often silent – interaction of the performers and viewers. The shows that are very diverse in form and theme share the attitude of the creators: we always start from the question of what shall happen to the viewer. In our three years history we developed various stage performances and site specific projects in cooperation in a wide variety of Hungarian and international partners, coproducers.