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Stichting Nieuwe Helden

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Country : The Netherlands

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In search of democracy 3.0 © Raymond Mallentjer
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"Zie Mij" (See Me) - Rotterdam
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OOG (EYE) - Den Bosch
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We light Amsterdam

Company New Heroes creates art projects and urban actions in the public space.

The projects and actions are initiated by the Heroes themselves, or by an outside party, and always obey these 3 Rules:

  • Create from necessity
  • Connect through and with the project
  • Search for the right audience to every project


To reclaim the Public Space for the commons and turn it into a place for real Encounters once again.


In a world where there is no longer one truth, or one ruling ideology, and everyone has to decide for themselves what they stand for, the need for these encounters is bigger than ever. That’s why we cause moments in which you encounter yourself, the other and the world, to be affected in your own quest, a moment in which you are not forced but instead allowed to be. The public space is the perfect space for these encounters, where the not knowing, searching and plain being can be shared. In all its projects and actions New Heroes strives to turn the public space from a consumerist marketplace into a space that connects, amazes, distracts, surprises, confuses and through all this creates: the encounter.

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