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The One & The Many

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Country : The United Kingdom

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‘The One and The Many’ is an artistic collective led by Daniel Marcus Clark and Rebecca Gill

Daniel Marcus Clark is a story inventor and composer who creates work that explores the relationship between sound, music and stories to generate tangible imaginative experiences for audiences.  He is the founding artist of EarFilms, a company exploring advanced 3D storytelling experiences, with whom he regularly shares his work worldwide.

Becca Gill is a producer and artist whose work invisibly integrates high-end technologies to create seamless illusions in unexpected places. She is a resident artist at Kaleider (previously Pervasive Media Studio - Watershed & AIR Studio) where she often collaborates with other artists, scientists and technologists and artistic director at Mercurial Wrestler.

Together they create work that fuses new technology with old and imagined stories to reframe public spaces and invigorate the people who reside inside them.

Their work is made in and with the community to create magical happenings that shed new light on oft forgotten spaces and customs.