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Theater T'eig

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Country : Austria

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© La Strada 2014 - Heldentheater, Graz, 2014

t‘eig – theater: eine interessengemeinschaft

[theatre: an interest community]
t’eig is an independent theatre company from Graz, Austria.
Teig is the German word for dough (One needs several ingredients for a good one. And there are
many different types of it, so that the respective composition can be very different) and additionally
an abbreviation:

theater: [theatre]
professional, contemporary, experimenting, discovering, developing. t’eig tells of human beeings
and their complex stories with plasticity, meaning, depth and stubbornness. The theatre is
searching for a coeval realism in literature, theater aesthetics and style of play.

eine: [one/an]
t’eig is rejecting one single, prescribed way of looking at the world. Multiperspectivity, plurality of
opinions and points of view, an experimental, based on work-in-progress approach, the actions on
several levels and layers, both narratively and aesthetically. The work on and with the language
through the development of appropriate translation methods are fundamental principles of t’eig.
Critical, analytical clashes with politically and socially relevant issues can rarely be summarized in
a single statement.

interessengemeinschaft: [interest community]
Depending on the requirements of the production, the core team is supplemented with
personalities who supply content, artistic or project-related impulses. Every project is developing
within the cooperation of all stakeholders.