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Urban Games Factory

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Country : Italy

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Corsa Pinnata, Sri Banka in finale © Urban Games Factory

Urban Games Factory 
is a real-life game production company.
 They want to become the Pixar of immersive games.

They were created in Milan by the people and the long-time experience of Focus, which has been active in the field of pervasive and urban games since 2008.

What they do?

They design new urban game formats and create immersive cultural experiences that invite the public to rediscover abandoned urban spaces, villas and archaeological parks, while reinterpreting cultural works and realizing change within themselves. Urban Games Factory designs immersive and cathartic fun experiences for both public and private spaces that generate new modes of social interaction. In 2013, UGF came up with Basilicata Border Games, a game in support of the Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 bid. Since 2014, Urban Games Factory has been doing artistic research into urban games using a sustainable development model - e.g. Coincidenze, a nighttime experience on five terraced roofs in Milan.