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Country : The Netherlands

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interview Thomas Lamers about Walden Collective's work and public space

The Walden Collective has five members, with a multitude of backgrounds. They are an unusual bunch in the theatre discipline, don't have a director and are not (all) performers. They self-identify as makers and thinkers. They have a biologist that writes and plays music. They have a storytelling philosopher. A performing dramaturg. A scenographer with a mime-degree. And their producer is involved in every aspect of the creative development.

Their mission is to create greater awareness and sensibility for our natural or non-natural surroundings, whether they are ecological or social contexts. they believe that art can trigger a revelation of the outside world. And this revelation can make you reassess what it means to be human. In teir works, the audiences are often unexpectedly moved or shaken. Their paradigms are challenged.

Collectief Walden works in a post-disciplinary way: their genre or art form isn't defined beforehand. They make installations, performances, shows, essays and landscape interventions. Their works are very visual, and very informative at the same time: language and stories are not only context, but also part of our works The landscape in which they work, is not just a backdrop. Artistically and when it comes to subject matter, it plays the lead role. Often, landscapes invite them to investigate a specific theme. And always, they use the ecological, historical and policy-related stories of the landscape in our works. Their work work is site-responsive.