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Wa(l)king Copenhagen

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Country : Denmark

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REVERSE by Johannes Bellinkx © Thomas Inside, Metropolis 2019

Wa(l)king Copenhagen - 100 days, 100 artists, 100 days, initiated and organised by Metropolis - KIT (DK), 1 May 2020 - 8 August 2020

Metropolis has invited 100 artists living in Copenhagen to create 100 curated walks through the city over the next 100 days starting 1 May, a day of collective walking. The programme is curated by Katrien Verwilt & Trevor Davies (Metropolis / Københavns Internationale Teater) and can be seen as a performative diary from a city where the corona virus sets the agenda and has radically changed daily life.

Each artist starts at home and walks for 12 hours. Every hour he/she gives a “sign of life” via live-streaming. These signs will be physical actions in the public space and streamed live on Facebook. They may take the form of a reading, a live installation, an improvised dance, a mini concert, a call...

"We all sense that the world and our own lives have utterly changed, and with WA(L)KING COPENHAGEN 100 artists will put their bodies and their senses in situations which evoke the many existential questions that arise – a diary from a surreal daily life filled with uncertainty and anxiety, but also with room for hope, creativity and a sense of community." (Metropolis / Københavns Internationale Teater)

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