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Wa(l)king the city

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Country : Hungary

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Artopolis Association/PLACCC Festival (HU), in collaboration with Metropolis – KIT (DK), launches Wa(l)king the city, a series of artistic interventions in public space.

"Urban public spaces have emptied out, and even though they begin to be filled with life again, we (still) have a different relation to the city than before." (Artopolis Association/PLACCC Festival)

Wa(l)king the city – based on the curatorial concept by Trevor Davies, artistic director of Metropolis-KIT, Wa(l)king Copenhagen – aims at developing a series of artistic interventions in public space. The participating artists will explore the changing city through their artistic micro-actions – thus creating "a diary from a surreal daily life filled with uncertainty and anxiety, but also with room from hope, creativity and a sense of community." 

In the frame of the event series 20 artists – one artist in every 2-3 days – will create a 5-hour long walk in the city and stream the micro-actions live on Facebook. These actions may reflect on the city, the spots, the situation, the artists’ own experiences and feelings, and they may take the form of an „action line” or modular variations adapted to the consecutive spots. The walks can lead through well-known locations of the city or can discover unknown and hidden places. All artistic interventions will be available, after the Facebook Live stream at

Find out more about the first five invited artists here below! 


Wa(l)king the city #1 // dollardaddy’s: Emma Bovary is walking again - Facebook Live: 12 June, 4-10 PM 

Just like Emma Bovary, we all lost contact with reality under the present, changed circumstances. Or with what we thought to be real. The borderline between fiction and reality has blurred, this era (which has past, but still stayed present) often seems as if we were in a dream. Emma Bovary leaves home, she is heading from her husband to her lover. Her walk in the city is the reflection of her inner journey. At certain points of her route, we can hear her hidden thoughts, or we can see her husband, Károly – as if we were in Emma’s head. The consecutive stations draw a dramatic line between the desire to meet her lover and the unfulfillment of this desire. The question remains: will the two characters meet also in reality? Read more here.

Wa(l)king the city #2 // Zsolt Sőrés: “Listen” Revisited, when The City is Still NakedFacebook Live: 14 June, 3-8 PM 

Zsolt Sőrés is an improvised/electroacoustic and noise musician, composer, sound artist, performance artist, intermedia artist, sound ecologist. Years ago, the artist was asked to reconstruct Max Neuhaus’s sound art piece Listen. As a result, during the current psychogeographic walk (also reinterpreting the soundwalk Listen), he will use the dérive concept to explore some situationalist urban locations. Read more here.

Wa(l)king the city #3 // Ziggurat Project (Flóra Eszter Sarlós & Emese Kovács): Invisible Traces- Facebook Live: 17 June, 6-11 AM 

No more touch. In order to protect our physical and mental well-being 8-15 hugs per day is recommended, as the physical touch reduces the stress and strengthens the immune system. In the new situation we protect ourselves with not touching each other!? What effect does this distance have on us? In the focus of the dancers’ performative walk is physical distance, social intimacy, and the importance of touch which we all revalue in this period. Flóra Eszter Sarlós is a Hungarian choreographer, co-founder and artistic director of Ziggurat Project. She works as a creator of dance and interdisciplinary pieces with a special focus on site-specific creation and dance & digital technology. Read more here.

Wa(l)king the city #4 // STEREO AKT: PROvision - Facebook Live: 22 June, 4-9 PM

Bored of staying in but still not quite ready to leave your apartment? Did you have to cancel your summer vacation to a certain Central European hotspot? Don’t waste another minute browsing online streaming sites, and instead join us for an unforgettable urban tour, all from the comfort of your own home! The essence of the STEREO Akt performances is born in the – often silent – interaction of the performers and viewers. Read more here.

Wa(l)king the city #5 // Dávid Somló: Ringing - Facebook Live: 24 June, 5-10 PM

David Somló is a Hungarian interdisciplinary artist, working with space, sound and interactions. He is creating theatrical/performative experiences exploring the relations of the physical, the social and personal space. He is interested in the small, important moments of non-verbal human interactions and often works in site-specific context: "For me, the most difficult thing of the recent period was my unfocused state, to where I was pushed by the feeling of losing control of the events of my life. Hence for my five-hour walk, I have chosen a precisely followable, meditative task. Slowly walking, I will continuously ring bells in a precisely set downtown route." (Dávid Somló). Read more here.

 More to come soon.