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Between 11th July and 13th July 1995, 8.000 Bosnians were slaughtered by Serbian militias in Srebrenica, a "safe area" supposedly protected by a UN Dutch battalion. In 2020, it will be 25 years since the drama took place. The Netherlands was initially found guilty for 30%, later for 10%, but no apologies have been officially offered and the case has been reopened. The Netherlands were there when it really went wrong. But for example, also France, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Ireland, Norway and England were there (before) to help with this peace mission.

Act of Citizenship, the upcoming production Dagmar Slagmolen runs for Via Berlin intends to work the topic of atonement, starting from the traces Srebrenica left in the collective subconscious.

Act of Citizenship gives room to all conflicting positions in the debate around peace missions. From a rational discussion to an emotional ritual in which the audience is invited to connect with those who suffered by acts entailed by the authorities.