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April 2015

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Maddy Costa

Art and New Technologies

How do new technologies affect creation in public space: in Norwich, European artists have explored new opportunities offered by these innovative tools.

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Giorgia Marino

Footprint, sight, space: from site-specific creation to site-sensitive art

A garden begins wherever a human foot  touches the ground to step into a space that is both vegetable and mineral. That’s the moment when the memory of his presence is first settled in that place.” According to Giuseppe Penone, one of the most outstanding contemporary artists in Italy, the boundaries between the natural and artificial worlds need nothing more  than a footprint to be established. It is the powerful, even cumbersome reflection accompanying us while walking among the bronze trees and installations made of stone and marble he created for the Baroque-style gardens surrounding the Royal Palace in Venaria Reale, near Turin.In spite of the sun shining on the Piedmont Alps in the background, we feel we are experiencing more than just the dawn of a wonderful, spring day.

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