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July 2016

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Mathieu Braunstein

Column #1 : In praise of margins

How can you write about art in public space in Europe, while keeping a critical distance and avoiding eulogistic praises? How can you analyse the performing arts, something that, by its very nature, is temporary, while keeping your ears open to what's going on in the world? As always, books are a precious aid for staying focused on what matters.

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Hajrulla Ceku

"The sense of belonging in a participative artistic creation" Emerging spaces in Prishtina, Kosovo, hosted by Teatri ODA 5-7 April 2016

The event which took place in Prishtina and Junik brought together artists and IN SITU members as part of the inquiry on "The sense of belonging in a participative artistic creation". The entire event was organized around the concept of ODA.  In Albanian culture, ODA is a special room in communities, where the community gathers for a discussion on common issues. The specific of traditional ODA's is a dialogue through stories. The member of the community  presents the positioning by telling a story, either adapted or original. For opposing or approving a point you also tell a story. In the first day each artist had his/her time to present him/herself and the artistic project, while in the next days, ideas and presented projects were discussed in ODA way. The intention in the second part of the event was to adapt or reinvent stories that relate to the project idea, aiming to create a collective story with contributions from everyone.

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