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Placcc fesztivál (Budapest, Hungary)

Fanni Nánay

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Artopolis Association / PLACCC Festival , Associate Partner

Hungary (HU)

 Associate Partner

IN SITU member since 2009

Artopolis Association was created in 2008 with the mission of focusing on the field of site-specific performance and in a wider context, art in public space. The association’s main ac-tivity is organising the annual festival PLACCC which presents an international and local selection of site-specific art forms. Artopolis Association organised the first edition of PLACCC Festival in October 2008 with the support of Budapest Autumn Festival. The first festival presented 3 international projects over 5 days and attracted more than 800 specta-tors. In 2010 a smaller PLACCC event has be organised in Pécs in May beside the regular festival in Budapest organized in September. In 2013, Artopolis organised two festivals in Budapest : one in May in the Csepel neigh-bourhood and another in September in the city-centre. The festival always programmes Hungarian and foreign artists creating site-specifically.

Director : Fanni Nánay