szabadonbalaton concept bar

A project lead by Eva Bubla within the (UN)COMMON SPACES project

In 2019, expert scientists of ecology, water management, and social sciences joined forces with artists to initiate the szabadonbalaton project. The name translates as “free Balaton” and expresses the intention and aspiration to let the biggest lake of Hungary, Lake Balaton exist freely, as a living natural system. szabadonbalaton believes residents and tourists need to adapt to the lake instead of artificially adapting the lake to perceived human needs. 

The public art events of szabadonbalaton engage audiences and trigger a form of emotional connection and sensual experience related to the topics discussed. They do this when they present the nutrient load of the lake and its related ecological processes, the problem of algal blooms, the phenomena of macrophyte growth or sedimentation in the form of drinkable cocktails and edible dishes. 

The szabadonbalaton concept bar appeared at Les Aygalades market, Marseille, organized by Lieux Publics.


Diána BERECZ – cultural and visual anthropologist

Dániel BOZZAI – graphic designer, creative social design

Eva BUBLA – artist-activist

Bence FÜLÖP – engineer

Barnabás NEOGRÁDY-KISS – photographer

Dr Ágnes VÁRI – ecologist

Dr András ZLINSZKY – ecologist