La Folie Kilomètre


Rivages © Andrea Magda

La Folie Kilomètre is a collective for artistic creation in public space, based in Marseille. It includes performing, visual and urban development artists.

Using a mix of these forms, they produce expeditions, performances, walks and workshops. They explore the ways in which we currently live in, create and imagine the city and landscape. Their colourful and hybrid creations blend fiction and documentary approaches, visual and sound installations, drawing and mapping, artistic explorations and walks.

Their work uses ordinary places to tell stories in the collective imagination. Their on-the-ground practice has been tried-and-tested over time with contextual investigation methods to explore the poetry emanating from the spaces experienced. This artistic and professional complicity was put through its paces during the 3rd class of FAI AR (advanced street art training), and further developed through the collective’s characteristic open-mindedness and continual encounters.