Thabi Mooi / Homunculus

Country : The Netherlands


Theaterdirector Thabi Mooi (Angola, 1983) was born in Angola and migrated at a young age to the Netherlands. This transition has made her enormously aware of the differences between cultures and the importance of rooting. She went to study neuropsychology to understand human behavior but eventually switched to the theater.

She graduated at the Theatre Academy in Amsterdam in 2012 with a site specific performance. Since then she has been working on various locations (citystreets in Amsterdam, Israel, South Africa and dunes, forests), creating intimate outdoor performances with audio/music, monologues and film. Her love for these audiovisual elements converge in unique stories rooted in the landscape, in which the audience is invited to play an active role. In 2016 Thabi founded her company Homunculus (meaning human soul) , which has the ambition to connect people in an artistic way, by exploring the common roots of human existence, and working with documentary stories.