Mia Habib

Country : Norway


Mia Habib & Jassem Hindi - Stranger Within © Ingun A Mahlum

Mia Habib is a Norwegian dancer, performer and choreographer based in Oslo. Habib holds a M.A. in conflict resolution and mediation from Tel Aviv University and a B.A. in choreography and dance pedagogy from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. An overriding goal for her work is to investigate the agency of choreography in social, political and artistic spaces; to ask how a choreographic project can blur these different spaces, interact with them, and create new spatial ecologies. She further seeks to transform the research process into an ‘open practice,’ exploring interdiciplinary approaches to sites, places, and various conceptions of publicness.

Habib has a special ability to engage and activate people, especially in situations of intimacy and/or vulnerability, and to incorporate them into her practice. Recent works have explored conceptions about the artist as stranger and to investigate spaces of otherness. These have included performing in private homes in exchange for a meal (Stranger Within), staging mass choreographies (ALL – A Physical Poem of Protest), and creative processes in local communities (How To Die – Inopiné).