Nada Gambier

Country : Belgium


Nada Gambier - Untamed Thingliness © Hannu Seppälä

Nada Gambier is an eclectic artist whose work is linked to theater, dance, performance and the visual arts. Her repertory consists of installations, stage works and works made for various public and private spaces. She was born in Finland and then studied dance in London and Brussels where she now lives since 18 years. Nada creates in the space between reason and non-sense and enjoys the potential that arises from the collision between facts and fiction, performativity and spontaneity. Her work often flirts with the borders between theatricality and abstraction and she is drawn to things that she doesn’t understand or cannot grasp. For Nada the creative process is about moving from an intuitive place to a place where an inner logic appears, specific to the combination of the different elements brought into the process. The non-spectacular, the absurd and an ongoing desire to reveal the extraordinary in ordinary life belong to her most known trademarks as an artist.