L'Homme Debout

Country : France

(UN)COMMON SPACES Associate artist

Michel Wiart

Benoît Mousserion grew up on a farm, where he has always built various constructions, learning his own way to work with natural materials during the first ten years of his life.

At 17 years old, he started organizing big events in Poitiers (carnivals, and a street arts festival), that led him to discover many street arts companies, and to pursue his studies in cultural management.

His career started as he worked with theaters and puppet companies, from construction to management. Eager for knowledge and experience, he simultaneously started to build his first very small puppets for animation movies, initiating him to movement decomposition. Returning to Poitiers, Benoît Mousserion decided to built a giant puppet (between 6 and 8 meters high) for the carnival with wicker (willow branches). This first creation brought him to tour all over France for five years. During this time, he worked in collaboration with voluntary citizens, to build not only the puppet, but also her stories. 


Inspired by this experience and interested in narrating peoples' stories, he created the company L'Homme Debout, imagining new characters, new stories, and more workshops throughout France. As of today, the company has two shows: Vénus and Mo and the Red Ribbon, both shows telling stories about exile and immigration, asking about property, territory and our humanity.